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Best Stomach Exercises

Are you ready to find out some of the most effective stomach exercises? I bet you didn't know that most abs exercises are actually terrible for you if you want to get a six pack! In the article, I'm going to show you what exercises to stay away from, and what exercises are going to get you ripped quick. By the end of this article, you'll know what you have to do.

So what stomach exercises are a waste of time? Well, you'll probably have heard them before, and you may still be performing them, to no avail! Crunches, sit ups and leg lift are what many people believe will get you lean and ripped in no time. I've got news for you, this isn't going to happen anytime soon! In order to get ripped, what you need to do is burn fat, by high intense exercising and by raising your metabolism. Traditional exercises like these will do nothing to help you raise your metabolism, and don't burn much fat at all!

What types of stomach exercises are best to do then? Well, not stomach exercises! I used to have a routine, many years ago, where all I did was specific abs exercises that I picked up from fitness magazines. For weeks and weeks I tried and got no results! I then did tons of research, and came up with the exact formula needed to achieve definition. What you should be including in your workout sessions, are compound exercises.

What exactly are compound exercises? Well, a compound exercise, uses free weights, and involves several different muscle groups. People seem to think that if you target specific muscles only, that you'll burn lots of body fat from that area, although this isn't true. When you exercise, your body burns fat, in equal amounts, from all over your body. Squats are compound exercises, that work out your legs and well as your shoulders. So what do you think is more intense, a crunch of a squat? Squats of course! Compound exercises are great stomach exercises, so make sure you have them in your routine.

Now you know a bit about how to improve your stomach exercises, you need to learn about the one vital component about trimming away the fat quick. If you're eating lots of rubbish foods, then how on earth do you think you'll get rid of the belly fat? Make sure you cut out foods that contain empty calories, otherwise all your work at the gym will be for nothing! Now what foods should you eat? Well, protein is key to build muscle, and you want to be strengthening your abs as well as getting rid of fat. Be sure to eat foods such as meat and fish, that contain high protein content.

Remember to keep you workouts under an hour. If your workouts are going over 75 minutes, then you won't get the best muscle burn, because a long workout is no way near as intense enough as a short, sharp workout.

5 Advantageous Techniques For Your Abs Exercise Program

Creating your personal abs training program is very smart. The good news about this is that it's far from complicated. Given the proper guide, you can organize a powerful program that best fits your lifestyle.

I remember making endless research when I started my own six pack abs program. The most significant information I dug up would have to be this: You can't rely on only a single routine to do wonders for your body.

Truth about six pack abs is, there are no magic pills, there is no one absolute greatest abs workout equipment, and, most importantly, you won't have ripped six pack abs by doing just one type of workout.

Head of the Kinesiology Department at the Occidental College in Los Angeles Stuart Rugg, Ph.D. said that we must "stop looking for the one best exercise for abs because it doesn't exist." The technique to a well-rounded and effective six pack abs training plan is the combination of a completely different sets of exercises that focus on the whole abdominal area. That's the only time you can definitely have strong core muscles and great definition.

To assist you design your abs exercise schedule, take note these 5 useful secrets:

1. Complete sets in the 10-25 range. Doing anything less won't produce the best outcome; doing exceedingly more too early in the game could risk the chance of injuries.

2. Start small, finish BIG. Increasing sets and difficulty slowly will put your abdominal muscles in great shape.

3. Do each rep of every exercise consistently. Performing 3-4 abs exercises every other day should be enough. Remember that the last rep has to be as perfect as the first one. Slacking off will only prevent you from realizing your ideal body.

4. The length of every set has to be constant. When carrying out your abs exercise regimen, you have to consider the timing of every rep done. When you do the bicycle exercise, for example, it can't take you 3 seconds to finish the 1st 10 reps and only 1 second for the entire program. Make sure that you continue being consistent with your routines to get you the best result.

5. Go for a well-rounded program. Feel free to include a set of different physical activities in your schedule. Do ab-specific workouts 3-4 times a week so you won't over-work your midsection. On other days, you can use other physical activities, such as cardio training and sports.

Read further on various abs exercises and remember to change up your program from time to time. In the meantime, keep these 5 important strategies in mind when you set up your own abs routine schedule. This will greatly help you achieve those ripped six pack abs you've always wanted.

Getting The Best Information On How To Build Muscle

Ever wondered what your head would look like on a ripped and sculpted body? What's stopping you? If you think getting a great physique worthy of Brad Pitt is too hard, think again. You'll be surprised to see many action stars start out as skinny or fat but made a choice to end up as neither. It's time for you to make a choice too.

If you want to know how to build muscle fast, this article will help you get answers. Before anything though you need to do one thing, enroll yourself in a local gym and start as soon as possible. You are investing in your body and the returns will be well worth your money.

Now what you need is a weight training program specific to your body type and needs. This is usually provided for by a personal trainer. If there is none available, you can ask a friend who knows a lot about physical fitness for some pointers. Verify his advice with experts' input you can read about on several reliable fitness sites.

This exercise program will now serve as your road map in the unfamiliar terrain that is the gym for the next several weeks. Guard yourself towards impatience. As you start, you will feel pain and yes, that means muscles are being developed; but it don't expect to look like a professional wrestler just yet. It will come-until then keep on with consistent and studied exercise drills.

As you carry out the exercises assigned to you, ensure that you execute them in the right form. Many times, people make the unfortunate error of hurrying through the last few reps even in the wrong form because they want to get the set done. Don't do this; it may lead to injuries with serious consequences later on. More than that, the target muscles are not properly utilized rendering that particular training weaker than it could have been.

Take time out to stretch your muscles thoroughly before working out. You will be putting your body through a grueling training in the next hour; a good stretching will help ease your body into it and out of it. See for yourself the difference in pain you will have the next few days. Change the weights and drills every several weeks to keep your body continuously challenged-this will ensure optimal performance and quicker results.

One of the best ways to build muscle fast is a healthy, balanced diet. Watch that you don't binge on processed food and meals high in saturated fat. Eat food high in protein and complex carbohydrates like chicken, fish, whole wheat grains, etc. You can also take protein shakes and muscle building supplements to help accelerate muscle development. When you do, exercise caution in the dosage you take.

How to build muscle-indeed, it is a question many people ask but few ever consistently answer with hard work, persistence and passion. Decide to see your dream physique come to pass and commit to the everyday training that pave the road to get there. It will come without fail, but more than that-you will enjoy a better quality of life that was worth every sweat.

Weight Loss After 40: 4 Basic Exercises For People Over Forty

You may be putting off that over 40 exercise program because you are nervous. You worry that you could get hurt doing aerobics or jogging. Maybe you have been to the gym, but were intimidated by all of the other people who were in far better shape than you. Perhaps you find strenuous activity too uncomfortable. If you let these things intimidate you, you are risking your health and life. However, there are easier steps you can take that will get you started on the path to fitness.

Walking is one of the simplest exercises, but it can have a profound positive effect. An ideal workout elevates your heartbeat for at least 30 minutes. When you start walking, do not worry about how far you walk or how fast. As long as you walk for 30 minutes, you are doing everything right. After your first week, set a distance goal that is slightly further and try to cross that distance in the same amount of time. As time passes, you will increase in strength and speed. Gradually, you will be able to achieve a light jog.

Riding a bike is a simple alternative to walking that is easier on the joints and you can do in a group. Your bike does not need to be expensive, just comfortable. You can also try a stationary bike but may prefer the scenery of a real bike. Also, many people are using recumbent cross training machines which are essentially cycling machines that train your upper body as well.

Do not worry if you are not ready for a jog or a bike ride. It is very important that you start at a level that is comfortable for you. If you begin with too much intensity, you are more likely to lose motivation, quit, or injure yourself. If you want to start very slowly, there are simple exercises you can do throughout your day to prepare yourself for increased activity.

You can continue your over 40 exercise program even if you are sitting at a desk or on a couch. Simple leg lifts can help build your leg muscles and prepare you for more activity. You can add ankle weights to increase resistance and tone muscle. Using small two to five pound weights while performing light arm curls will strengthen your biceps. Each of these activities should adequately prepare your body for a brisk walk or light aerobics.

Your local pool may offer water aerobics or aquatic classes. These exercises are easy on your joints and prepare you for a more intense workout. Water resistance makes simple movements twice as effective. Also, you can use foam dumbbells and aqua belts to increase resistance even further.

A pedometer is great tool for anyone beginning to focus on fitness over 40. Wear the pedometer everyday for a week to see your normal level of activity. Note the times when you are most sedentary. Make a goal to increase your activity during those periods. For example, if you are inactive at work then try to avoid the elevator, park a little bit further from the building, and walk around the block for your lunch break.

You should not be intimidated. Walking, biking, or simple sitting exercises are very easy ways to begin an over 40 exercise program at your pace. You should never let worry keep you from a longer, healthier life.

5 Habits You Must Create In Ordar To Lose Weight

It is a good start to understand the science of things. You don't need a bachelor's degree to be able to make sense of calories and its good to be aware of what your working against. Each person will require a certain amount of calories to maintain body functions, such as breathing and digestion. So what is the right amount of calories for you? Follow these simple steps to measure the amount of calories you should be consuming throughout a typical day:

First you need to calculate your B.M.R. or your basal metabolic rate which tells you the number of calories you burn while you are sleeping. This number in turn is a good way to determine how many calories you need at a minimum for your body to function correctly. There are several online tools you can use to determine this, or you can visit a local clinic.

Calculate your activity level by wearing a heart rate monitor all day long. You can easily purchase one from a variety of athletic stores including Academy or you can get one from Target. This will let you know how many calories you have burned in a day.

Maintain a daily diary of everything you eat and every activity you participate in. Make sure to count the calories in the foods and drinks that you have so that you can keep track of what is going in and out of your body.

Take your BMR number and add your activity calories. Subtract your food calories. If you're eating more calories than you are burning, you'll gain weight and if you're burning more calories than you eat, you will lose weight.

What you decide to eat at every meal, every day is a huge and important part of your weight loss journey. You are not just counting calories but trying to make healthier choices when you eat. Making dietary changes to improve not just your weight loss but your health are important. For example, you need to make sure that you are eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. Enough cannot be said about the benefits of eating these things. Choose leaner meats, eat healthy and wholesome breakfasts like cereal, yogurt, fruit, and eggs.

As well as keeping track of what you eat, the exercises you perform on a weekly basis, are crucial to losing the extra pounds and toning up the body. It is recommended to do at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. Depending on your level of fitness, that might include going for a brisk walk in the evening, or heading down to your local swimming pool. As you get accustomed to the exercise, step it up a little. Make progress by alternating a brisk walk one day, to a gentle jog the next. Don't be afraid to push yourself a little more as time passes and the weight begins to drop.

Sometimes, exercise can be a daunting task, especially when you have to face it alone, or you are not sure which exercises will be the most beneficial to your personal goals. You might have ruled out a personal trainer because you think they are too expensive or work exclusively with the famous. Try to get this idea out of your head. Of course, a personal trainer doesn't come for free, but they are also not so unreachable as you think in terms of availability and cost. They can be a huge help in guiding you towards the right exercises and the motivation they can give is unbeatable!

The final thing to remember is your self-confidence and motivation. Without this, you can forget about losing weight. To believe in yourself and stick to your goals is the only way to achieve weight loss. Without this vital incentive, you will soon fall into the trap of skipping that gym class or helping yourself to a second plateful. Stay true to yourself and your efforts will pay off!

7 Most Effective Body Firming Exercises

Do you desire an immaculately in shape body? Want to be the envy of all of your friends at the next big party? Well use the following 7 tricks to not only get your body in shape but be the talk of the entire town, guaranteed!

1. Thigh Toning Titan- This exerise will tone and trims your thighs even when nothing else has worked for you. This exercise guarantees to not only tame, but also tighten your thighs. Many people begin to see a condition known as "Thunder Thighs" when your thighs rub together when you walk; this exercise will take care of that. You will need a bar stool or straight chair with straight legs. Sit on the floor with your back against a wall. The stool should be situated between your feet. Lift your legs and feet 4-6 inches from the floor. Angle your feet so your insteps are firmly positioned against the legs of the stool. Now exert as much pressure with your feet as possible. Hold for a count of 30- 60. Do 6 reps.

2. Jack Kicks- Kick your way to a better, booty-licious backside. Well, the name may not sound that impressive but if you want that perfectly round, tight booty this is the exercise that works. Assume a hands and knees position. Your palms should be resting on the floor. Keep your back straight. Now lift your (R( leg up and backwards with a tightly controlled kicking motion. When your leg is fully extended upward the bottom of the foot points toward the ceiling. Return to the starting position and then repeat with the other leg for a total of 25-50 for each leg.

3. Saddle Bag Stripper- This exercise is great for targeting your upper and outer thighs. This exercise will deminish the appearance of cottage cheese and other unsightly lumps and bumps on your legs. Simply lay on your (R) side, supporting your upper body at a 45 degree angle with your elbow. Keep (R) leg straight and place your (L) foot flat on the floor directly in front of the (R) knee. Now lift your (R) leg slowly up and down 25 times. Change position and repeat with the your left leg.

4. Glute Glamourizer- This exercise in particular will tighten the muscles in your butt and lift it and will also tone your legs. First, stand with feet separated about the width of your shoulders. Make sure that your toes are angled outward. Place your hands on your hips and elevate up on your toes. Staying balanced on your toes, lower your body 1"inch and hold for the count of 10. Lower your body an additional 1" and hold for 10 seconds. Continue to lower your body by 1" and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat this 10 times.

5. Lean Leggy Peggies- This exercise creates leaner, tighter legs for you and will make sure that you can fit into your skinny jeans this season. Simply place your hands on the back of a chair for balance. Keep your body erect and feet slightly apart. Toes should pointed inward. Lift (R) leg slowly 4-6 inches straight out to the side. Do 25 reps and then repeat using (L) leg.

6. Tricep Trainers- Get rid of underarm flab quickly. Stand erect holding 3 pound weights. Lift your arms straight up overhead. Your arms should be alongside your head. Slowly extend the weights backward over your shoulders until elbows point to the ceiling. Start over again and repeat 30 times.

7. Belly Bustin' Berthas- These crunches rule. Lie flat floor hands behind the neck. Pull your abdomen in and roll your upper chest upward from the floor. Twist your torso from the waist so the (R) elbow points toward the (L) knee and the (L) elbow points toward the (R) knee. Return to starting position. Do 20 reps.

Bodybuilding Tips, Training Your Body After Your 40th Birthday

They say that age is just a number, but when it comes to work outs and staying in shape that age factor is a definite factor in how you will approach your fitness regimen. Some people want to say that they are over 40 and they use their age as an excuse for not maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a regular workout routine.

Age is not a sufficient excuse not to exercise and try to stay fit. When done correctly you can incorporate workouts, weight lifting and healthy diet in such a way that you remain healthy, fit and active for years and it does not matter how old you are when you start.

You may not know it but weight lifting or bodybuilding routines are good for more than simply building muscle mass. These regimens can also help you lose weight, increase bone thickness and give you a lean fit body. If you want to feel better about your body and life in overall, you should know that exercise will get you there.

Exercise also has depression busting ability. You see exercise releases chemicals in the brain called endorphins, which give you a feeling of well being and happiness.

Let's start with some basics, being over 40 means that you do need to make a few concessions in your workout routine, but it does not mean that you have to be a victim of false notions about aging.

As we get older, our muscles and joints are less limber and this means that adequate stretching and warm up prior to exercising is very important. A 15-minute time allotment that is devoted to necessary stretching and limbering up routines will benefit you by increasing flexibility, and decreasing the chance of muscle or joint sprain or damage. The more completely you stretch the better conditioned your muscles will become.

Next in line is a 15-minute cardiovascular workout. You can do this on an elliptical machine, stair stepper, treadmill or stationary bike. Do not approach this as a marathon, however you should get your heart rate sped up a bit and continue to build on the limbering you have just finished. This point of your routine is to get the blood flowing and put your body on notice that you are serious about getting some work done.

The next step should be to work out with light weights, if you are doing circuit training or a free weight routine, have a quick run through without the stress of heavy weights, and then follow this brief warm up by doing reps with the appropriate weights.

A pyramid system works wonders for many bodybuilders. This workout regimen begins with many reps with lightweights and decreasing the number of reps as you increase the weight. If you want to add bulk and muscle this is a sure fire way to do so.

One of the most important things to remember is to keep proper form with every move. It is better to cut back on the repetitions or weights than to have poor form. Keep the position of your body foremost in your mind. Proper form not only gives you the best results but also reduces the risk of injury.

Your session with weights should be kept to about 30-45 minutes and you will want to repeat your training at least four days every week. Once you have completed your weight training it is helpful to run another cardiovascular routine partly as a way to wind it all down but more so to strengthen your heart and lungs.