Thursday, March 10, 2011

Correct Natural Breathing Action Eases Weight Loss Exercise Routine

Weight loss exercise would be easier to do and more effective if performers would breathe correctly. Some women huff and puff through routines, as though toting a ton of weight. Others hold their breath, as if scared they might elicit a gusset.

And owing solely to being overweight, many people arc shallow breathers. They breathe from the top of the lungs in short gasps.
The correct, natural breathing action comes from the diaphragm. You take in deep drafts of air and let it out fully, in regular rhythm. In that way the body gets its full share of oxygen and expels all the "dead air."
One result is an increased supply of energy. Another is a speed up in the disposal of wastes. Both are of tremendous value in weight loss.
Consequently, a wise move for every woman interested in weight loss would be to include breathing routine in their exercise sessions. Here's a good one:
Stretch out on the floor with the arms resting overhead. Now relax, letting every muscle go limp. After, a moment take a deep breath — deep enough to expand the diaphragm. Then let out the air so that the diaphragm contracts. Do not strain, but make it slow, and make it smooth.
Thereafter, the toughest exercise will not leave you breathless— if, of course, you carry over the established breathing pattern. But more important, you will have begun to form a good habit that will serve your health and beauty all your life.