Tuesday, November 02, 2010

5 Advantageous Techniques For Your Abs Exercise Program

Creating your personal abs training program is very smart. The good news about this is that it's far from complicated. Given the proper guide, you can organize a powerful program that best fits your lifestyle.

I remember making endless research when I started my own six pack abs program. The most significant information I dug up would have to be this: You can't rely on only a single routine to do wonders for your body.

Truth about six pack abs is, there are no magic pills, there is no one absolute greatest abs workout equipment, and, most importantly, you won't have ripped six pack abs by doing just one type of workout.

Head of the Kinesiology Department at the Occidental College in Los Angeles Stuart Rugg, Ph.D. said that we must "stop looking for the one best exercise for abs because it doesn't exist." The technique to a well-rounded and effective six pack abs training plan is the combination of a completely different sets of exercises that focus on the whole abdominal area. That's the only time you can definitely have strong core muscles and great definition.

To assist you design your abs exercise schedule, take note these 5 useful secrets:

1. Complete sets in the 10-25 range. Doing anything less won't produce the best outcome; doing exceedingly more too early in the game could risk the chance of injuries.

2. Start small, finish BIG. Increasing sets and difficulty slowly will put your abdominal muscles in great shape.

3. Do each rep of every exercise consistently. Performing 3-4 abs exercises every other day should be enough. Remember that the last rep has to be as perfect as the first one. Slacking off will only prevent you from realizing your ideal body.

4. The length of every set has to be constant. When carrying out your abs exercise regimen, you have to consider the timing of every rep done. When you do the bicycle exercise, for example, it can't take you 3 seconds to finish the 1st 10 reps and only 1 second for the entire program. Make sure that you continue being consistent with your routines to get you the best result.

5. Go for a well-rounded program. Feel free to include a set of different physical activities in your schedule. Do ab-specific workouts 3-4 times a week so you won't over-work your midsection. On other days, you can use other physical activities, such as cardio training and sports.

Read further on various abs exercises and remember to change up your program from time to time. In the meantime, keep these 5 important strategies in mind when you set up your own abs routine schedule. This will greatly help you achieve those ripped six pack abs you've always wanted.

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