Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Best Stomach Exercises

Are you ready to find out some of the most effective stomach exercises? I bet you didn't know that most abs exercises are actually terrible for you if you want to get a six pack! In the article, I'm going to show you what exercises to stay away from, and what exercises are going to get you ripped quick. By the end of this article, you'll know what you have to do.

So what stomach exercises are a waste of time? Well, you'll probably have heard them before, and you may still be performing them, to no avail! Crunches, sit ups and leg lift are what many people believe will get you lean and ripped in no time. I've got news for you, this isn't going to happen anytime soon! In order to get ripped, what you need to do is burn fat, by high intense exercising and by raising your metabolism. Traditional exercises like these will do nothing to help you raise your metabolism, and don't burn much fat at all!

What types of stomach exercises are best to do then? Well, not stomach exercises! I used to have a routine, many years ago, where all I did was specific abs exercises that I picked up from fitness magazines. For weeks and weeks I tried and got no results! I then did tons of research, and came up with the exact formula needed to achieve definition. What you should be including in your workout sessions, are compound exercises.

What exactly are compound exercises? Well, a compound exercise, uses free weights, and involves several different muscle groups. People seem to think that if you target specific muscles only, that you'll burn lots of body fat from that area, although this isn't true. When you exercise, your body burns fat, in equal amounts, from all over your body. Squats are compound exercises, that work out your legs and well as your shoulders. So what do you think is more intense, a crunch of a squat? Squats of course! Compound exercises are great stomach exercises, so make sure you have them in your routine.

Now you know a bit about how to improve your stomach exercises, you need to learn about the one vital component about trimming away the fat quick. If you're eating lots of rubbish foods, then how on earth do you think you'll get rid of the belly fat? Make sure you cut out foods that contain empty calories, otherwise all your work at the gym will be for nothing! Now what foods should you eat? Well, protein is key to build muscle, and you want to be strengthening your abs as well as getting rid of fat. Be sure to eat foods such as meat and fish, that contain high protein content.

Remember to keep you workouts under an hour. If your workouts are going over 75 minutes, then you won't get the best muscle burn, because a long workout is no way near as intense enough as a short, sharp workout.

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